Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mitt Romney claims he suffers from "Verbal diarrhea".

With the slew of misstatements made by the presidential candidate Mitt Romney, he has announced in a statement released by his campaign, that he suffers from verbal diarrhea.

This comes admist the recent scrutiny of some of Mr. Romney's statements. In a speech last spring, Mr. Romney boasted that he had been a hunter "pretty much all my life", but later recanted that statement, by revealing that he had been hunting only twice. He also boasted the N.R.A.'s endorsement, which the N.R.A. never did.

This is kind of scrutiny, especially now that the presidential race is heating up, is becoming more and more common. Political analyst Cort Burton says that presidential candidates, now more than ever, have to be careful of what they say. "Anything you say can be construed and twisted into anything. Many think that Tancredo pulled out of the race, because of the quip he made about global warming being a product of computer fan exhaust." Mr. Burton stated. "Things like that are hard to spin into something good. If Romney doesn't take care of this it could crush his campaign and eventually ruin his life."

Mr. Romney at a press conference early Wednesday morning addressed many of the concerns with his statements. "I acknowledge I have a problem that in any other field wouldn't be a problem, but I understand the responsibilities of a presidential candidate."

When asked about a push from his campaign to go to rehab to help with his problem, he said "I assure you I have the problem under control now. I was even telling my wife, who use to be a model for Esquire, that I was getting it under control."

Romney's wife later corrected her husband, by saying that she was in fact never a model for Esquire.

Romney then said that, "Sometimes I can't help myself. It's something impulsive I do. Whether I do it because of how excited I am about becoming president or because I'm Mormon. Maybe it's a Mormon thing you know? But I'm not saying I'm different...because I'm not. I just a regular guy. I mean as regular goes, you know regular is such a subjective term. I mean if a regular guy was falling asleep at the wheel, then I'm regular. But not if that's not regular, because I'm a regular guy, that's how people should see me. But I'm not going to force you to see that. I mean that I trust your opinion. I mean as trust goes, I'm pretty trustful. I mean I even won the trust award last year at the trust convention." This was met by many sighs from the campaign managers scattering to do damage control.

Jim Sigfield, one of Romney's campaign managers was very distressed at all the attention to Romney. "Frankly all the attention for Romney's statements are great for publicity and for him, but it's hell for me. I remember when he made the N.R.A. statement I was up all night combating reporters. I just don't like all the media buzz. I liked the days when people were to afraid to talk about Romney and I spent my days fighting rumors that he wore special underwear."

Romney continued to battle reporters all morning on the issue of his false statements, but he ended the conference by saying, "No matter what I say, I swear I'm going to be a good president. And really, at the end of the day, that's important. Not that you can't trust my words, but trust that I say that I'm right."

It's to early to tell if his statements will help or harm his campaign. All anyone knows is that, those who suffer from verbal diarrhea have a lower chance at becoming president. Just imagine if our current president said things that weren't true to the public. Could we live with ourselves as a society? The public seems to be giving Romney the benefit of the doubt in some national poles. So I guess we can.

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