Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Meeting Woody Allen (TFR Article)

I was in the Upper West Side over the weekend when I ran into comedic genius and good friend, Woody Allen. He was kind enough to take a break from trying to stop the fatalism of death, to do a quick interview with me.

Meseret Haddis: So Woody, how are things?

Woody Allen: Well it’s hard to say. I found a lump on my neck the other day before going to bed and haven’t been getting much sleep since.

MH: Besides the lump, how are things?

WA: Well I suppose they are good. My kids are doing well in school and I’m still making films so I can’t complain. Even though it’s getting a little cold for my liking.

MH: Speaking about film, how was working on Vicky Christina Barcelona with Scarlett Johansson, Rebecca Hall, Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem in Spain last year.

WA: It was wonderful. You know me, I’d never cheat on Soon-Yi, but on this shoot I had three reasons I could cheat on her. I only say that because I know Penelope wouldn’t have gone for it.

MH: You’re in the process of finishing Whatever Works with Larry David, is that right?

WA: We actually just finished cutting the film.

MH: So how do you think it turned out?

WA: Well you know me Mezzy. It’s hard to analyze something you care for, so beyond that I don’t know. I hope people will enjoy it as much I as did making it although Larry David was a little much from time to time. And I thought I was a mushugana!

MH: Oh Woody!

WA: How about you? How’s school?

MH: School’s fine. I’m working five jobs right now to pay off one month of tuition, so it’s going pretty well.

WA: You’re still at NYU right?

MH: Yes. You’re alma mater.

WA: If I had stayed at the school it would have been.

MH: I want to let you go, but is there anything you want to say to students who might read this?

WA: Only to say that education is very important, because without it, how will anyone ever learn how to cheat?

MH: Before you go, what is your one regret?

WA: Printing that quote on in the back of my books and not killing everyone who’s asked me that.

Woody and I hugged our ceremonious hug. He asked if I needed any money to get home, but I said I was fine, I had my skateboard. I told him I’ll keep in touch and he told me he’ll keep ignoring my calls.

Vicky Christina Barcelona is playing at the Angelika Film Center and Whatever Works will be released in early 2009.

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