Saturday, December 18, 2010

≈Roll A Day: Harold Night 12/14/2010

Some notes:

-My previous foray into shooting film at the UCB Theatre didn't turn out as great as my experience during the Del Close Marathon. This time I came prepared.

-This happened to be Brian Barrett's last Harold Night. Needless to say, he'll be missed. (Here's hoping he comes back for a Classic Masculinity reunion show.)

-That Tuesday night was blisteringly cold. The temp was hovering around 20 degrees. Use that information as you will.


The first hosts of Harold Night were Geoff Garlock and Emily Strachan from their show Gettin' Quaid.

They came out to blank stares and confused looks AND THEN began singing about queefs. Amazing.

1st Team: Bastian

Bastian with former members Maggie Carey and John Murray (not pictured).

Brian Barrett strikes his patented hands on knees pose. Molly Lloyd shows her, soon to be patented, amazing smile.

Brian can't stop looking at Abra's rose!

Hank (Erik Tanoye) tells the audience how Brian Barrett is going to be moving to a racist state.

2nd TeamSandino

Aaron Jackson points.

Some audience members help Sandino count to 8.

3rd Team: Ragnarock

Stuck in a knot = metaphors.

4th Team: Decoster

Jim Santangeli loves the audience. And we love him!

Santangeli hides from Betsy Stover.

Erik Bernat discovers who's been keeping him hostage. It's Pam Murphy! Santangeli is dead, by the way.

5th Team: The Opera

The Jersey Shore. Opus Moreschi shows off his suit abs. Just like the Suituation. Yup!

A suicide telethon to raise money is not a help line. Stop calling!


And that's the end of Harold Night. How do I know it's the end of Harold Night?

I just do.

Sleep train.

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