Friday, July 20, 2007

Football Team Unwilling To Go To Hooters, After Loss

After their loss to University of Minnesota, UND football squad skipped their usual visit to Hooters, to sulk at home instead. “It was a really tough match, but none of them seemed up for going to Hooters after,” coach Dale Lennon (or current coach) said after the game. “It usually picks them up if they can see a nice rack of ribs or a busting seem of wings. But no matter how much I pleaded with them, they just wanted to go home.”

UND football team has built support for their Division I move, but with the recent loss, many students are questioning their support. “It just seems like they don’t care anymore,” said junior Carter Walsh. “I expect the move to D1 to be tough, but if they can’t muster the want to go to Hooters after the game, then maybe D1 isn’t for us.”

“It has been a long standing tradition to go to Hooters after the game, whether we win or lose,” coach Dale said. “With the great atmosphere, a cold tap and its surprisingly friendly wait staff, it’s tough for people not say no to. Hell any time I go there with the team, I eat free."

Hooters has declined to comment on the matter, but continue to support college students and their lustful fantasies of an unrealistic view of chili fries.

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